Daily Opening: Volunteers Meet for the First Time

On 25th March all the volunteers who will watch St. Augustine’s during the new opening hours met for a briefing session, get-together, and introductory tour. The new opening times are 10am – 4pm every day, which is a huge leap up from Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday. For this a rota of 30 volunteers has been drawn up, and almost everyone on the list was able to come on Tuesday.
The group began by assembling in the nave where Fr. Marcus addressed the group. The group contained several people who had not had direct contact with St. Augustine’s before, and several people who, whilst helping at The Grange next door, have not been involved with St. Augustine’s opening before. Therefore Fr. Marcus informed everyone of the latest progress in the project at St. Augustine’s; he told them how important it is to open St. Augustine’s to visitors; the group were shown plans to understand the plans for St. Augustine’s as it develops.
There was some time in the Schoolroom for relaxation and for people to chat. Then Fr. Marcus gave another brief address, and John Coverdale affirmed that this is an exciting project that should engage with various communities, from the local people, to tourists, to pilgrims, to Pugin experts, and also international visitors.
After this a short tour was conducted by Fr. Marcus. He showed the impressive stained glass, the details of the St. Joseph and St. John chapels, the stained glass, various architectural features, and the special Pugin items used in the church. The Volunteers were impressed and interested, and, it being a sunny day, the stained glass looked particularly impressive.
A photo was taken in the Garth of the volunteers, all looking very cheery!
St. Augustine Ramsgate volunteers 2014-3

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