The Architectural Works of A. W. N. Pugin – Dr Gerard Hyland Launches his Book at St Augustine’s

Gerard Hyland - Architectural Works of Pugin

Dr Gerard Hyland launched his new book at St Augustine’s on Saturday 7th June with a lecture in Pugin’s church and reception in the Cartoon Room next door. Dr Hyland’s book is the first ever gazetteer of all of Pugin’s buildings, and is a ground-breaking publication.

Dr Hyland’s talk was very informative, exploring Pugin, his life, his influences, his patrons, and his works. Dr Hyland demonstrated Pugin’s different architectural interests and styles, and showed how the styles of his buildings evolved over his career.

Pugin was said to have done 100 years’ work in 40 years, but Dr Hyland showed that the vast majority of Pugin’s work was done in just six years. He had at least 295 designs realised, and 84 unrealised, across five countries and two continents – and Dr Hyland suspects there are more to be discovered.

It was here in Ramsgate that Pugin accomplished his only building which was not interfered with by patrons. St Augustine’s was his pride and joy – “my own child” – built next to his home, The Grange. How appropriate, then, that the first collected volume of his architectural works was launched at St Augustine’s and celebrated next door at The Grange.

Dr Hyland has already written on Augustus Pugin’s son, Edward Pugin, and this catalogue is his latest contribution to the lively subject of Pugin studies.

As John Hardman said on Pugin’s death, “If you want to know him now, one must go to his Church-Tomb [St Augustine’s]”. Pugin’s legacy is his designs, and this volume is the first time all his buildings have been collected.


Dr Gerard Hyland’s book, The Architectural Works of A. W. N. Pugin: A Catalogue, is available at £35, published by Spire Books.

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