The shrine is seeking to develop visitor facilities and opportunities for education and research. Donations and grants are very much needed to continue this work.

How to Help You may leave a legacy by writing the Friends into your will, or else make a donation now. If you live locally, please contact us to volunteer in keeping the church open or to help with guided tours.

Join the Friends of St. Augustine’s If you would like to support the continuation of this historic building and its site, please join the Friends! You can join the Friends here. There are talks and other events to which you will receive invitations, and of course you have the satisfaction of helping to preserve St Augustine’s for future generations.

Why we need your support St. Augustine’s is a critical example of the work of one of the world’s most important architects: it has immense cultural, religious and architectural merit. It is being structurally saved before undergoing complete restoration. It has been designated the Shrine of St Augustine and is expanding its audience, attracting pilgrims and school group and academic visitors. To continue the renovation and redevelopment we need your support.

September 2012

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